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Victoria Series, Victoria Itv, Televisions, Witch, England, Witches

Victoria Series, Victoria Itv, Jenna Coleman, Televisions, Royalty

VICTORIA EPISODE - At last, a smacker! It takes until the end of next week's fourth episode before the Queen (Jenna Coleman) finally shares a kiss with her beloved Albert (Tom Hughes)

To be a queen, I must rule. Yet to be a wife, seems I must submit.

Yet to be a wife, seems I must submit.

S2 Victoria

I’m sorry I was rude about your helmets. They really are very practical. But not very splendid. I just want to make things better, you know?

Tom Hughes.

vicbertsource: “Can you imagine what it’s like to swell up like a pumpkin and have everyone treat you as an imbecile just because you’re giving birth? The shadow side of our marriage. The shadow side?

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Prince Albert and Queen Victoria