Joseph Gordon-Levitt... Hahaha

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The image you currently have of Joseph Gordon-Levitt is about to get a fistful of bro. In his upcoming film, 'Don Jon' (previously known as 'Don Jon's Addiction'), JGL stars as the titular character, a Jersey kid obsessed with three things: chasing women

the modern suit guide... even the smallest adjustments are essential!

The Perfect Modern Suit For The Modern Man [INFOGRAPHIC] This is great style information for men (and women who dress/shop for their men), Resources

And then God said: Let there be the Hemsworth brothers.

God bless their parents. (I think this is like the third "God bless the Hemsworth brothers parents" type pin I have pinned, and I'm not sorry)

Chris Pine

As long as Chris Pine is Captain Kirk, I will continue to attend Star Trek movies.

Chris Pine. marry me

I am not going to see the new Star Trek for plot or anything - I am going bc of this man, Zachary Quinto and of course my Benny (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Chris Pine. you can never forget Chris Pine :)