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I love PINTEREST! I have used so many of the ideas I see on here, majority in the KIDS section, but I am excited to get my new house and try all those too!

Binary code | #poster #infographic created in @Piktochart app

Mathematics in movies and shows. Show clips to introduce math topics.

Scratch blocks to download, print and laminate. Available in several formats, including SmartNotebook.

Ti-84 Cut out for students to use in their interactive notebook. ♥ MATH amie elizabeth

misscalcul8: Dividing By Zero Posters

Imaginary numbers

Five More Principles to Radically Transform How We Teach Computer Programming

Sign up for Computer Science Principles - YouTube

Kids Computer Lessons: Computer History Lesson Plan

17 Cartoon Videos Explaining the Internet and Internet Safety to Kids

How To Train Your Robot: how I teach kids to program without computers | Offbeat Families

7 Tools To Turn Your Child Into A Computer Scientistpythonforkids

Free App Teaching Kids Computer Language - kids learn to write programming codes, create a website, etc. #kidsapps #FreeApps

Twelve Significant Moments for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Ada Lovelace Day: Women Tech Accomplishments Infographic, By Hubert Nguyen.

Kids don't need to know how to code because they'll all go into it as a career -- that isn't realistic -- but because it impacts every career in the 21st century world. Here are 15 resources to teach them how.

CS Unplugged videos: 50 YouTube videos demonstrating the Computer Science Unplugged kinaesthetic games and activities. These offer practical and entertaining ways to introduce computing concepts to all ages without a computer.

What is Code by Paul Ford for Bloomberg The turn-of-last-century British artist William Morris once said you can’t have art without resistance in the materials. The computer and its multifarious peripherals are the materials. The code is the art.

This is a great photo I just ran across on the internets. It said it was “Margaret Hamilton, Apollo program”, but it didn’t say who…

Okay Barbie sucks but this is kinda awesome considering the low numbers of women in tech carriers. Computer Software Engineer Barbie :)

For decades, the share of women majoring in computer science was rising. Then, in the 1980s, something changed.

Write your first computer program. Try learning an 'Hour of Code' and see where it takes you! Learn |

"Pickering's Harem", "The Harvard Computers" - these women mapped the universe and got zero credit. SHOW SOME RESPECT

Code Club World: Computer Science- Resources for learning how to code

Learn computer coding at your own pace from these top picks of computer coding learning tools for kids -- no matter what your kids level is, from knowing nothing about coding, to already writing programs, you can find a tool for your child. Some are apps, some are programs you can access on computers, some are even free.