I just keep laughing!

They were just trying to take a nice, family jumping photo in their matching coral outfits, but Kendall just couldn't keep up. ---I CANT STOP LAUGHING HAHA

One of the best pins I shall ever pin.

a haunted house snaps photos of people at the scariest moment of the tour.One of the funniest pins. i can't stop laughing!

the creative process..

Previous Pinner: Very true whether you are an artist, writer, or other creative soul. <--- it almost seems like im mostly awake during the day than the night - _ -

How to know if you're at a hipster wedding-hahahaa sooo many mason jars

Funny Infographic: Are You At A Hipster Wedding

I KNOW! Why are they asking questions?!?! They know we can't answer!!

Funny pictures about Every time I go to the dentist. Oh, and cool pics about Every time I go to the dentist. Also, Every time I go to the dentist.


(via Funny Men vs Women Childcare Picture


Funny pictures about First Driving Lesson. Oh, and cool pics about First Driving Lesson. Also, First Driving Lesson.

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