Transformation Games

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Images inspired by outcomes from playing Transformation Games ( a self development tool) with various intentions - 5 so far (as shown at start and end of pins for that game). Cards picked during the game include angels, insights & setbacks as I move along my life path through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. You can buy the game from Amazon, although facilitated games are available - more info on - certainly a different experience using pinterest :-)
Enjoy today - fab

You ask most people and they say that happiness is their end goal. But how do we live a happy life? Dive in to these happy quotes about life.

25  "Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun"  - Albert Einstein

Brightly Colored Art Print- "Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun" - Albert Einstein inspirational art quotes

19 I move from the emotional level to the spiritual level by landing on the transformation square. A theme for the whole game as I reflect on the ease of moving to the next level at each level thus far.

Blue Morpho butterfly (Morpho menelaus) Released them at my wedding, at Butterfly Falls in Belize! This brilliant blue butterfly can be found in the rain forests of South America (Brazil & Guyana).

18 simplicity - letting go of rigidity, worry, doubt and trust all will be very well - which is much easier than the opposite and painting a negative world that only exists within and isn't based on truth

A Obstinação e o Aprimoramento

♂ Quotes about the simple life – The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.


The Fruit of the spirit is Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness and Self-Control

Relax. You are enough.

Note to self: Relax! You are enough, you have enough, you do enough. I need to remember this! Especially with this pregnancy!

Cirque du Soleil - trust and faith in style

Cirque du Soleil:Dralion, the ariel pas de deux was amazing! was definately my favorite part of the show! so graceful and beautiful!

30 I finished the game by being of service to others x 3 - interesting it happened on the spiritual level

Nurse memes and quotes to brighten your day!

30 I finished the game by being of service to others x 3 - interesting it happened on the spiritual level

22 Slow Down, Lighten Up...

it's okay to rest. take a moment. close your eyes. what a difference a moment can make.