Encouraging Words

27 Encouraging Phrases to Motivate Your Kids. Uplift your kids with these words of encouragement from McCready Positive Parenting Solutions.

Raising Kids Who Get Along from Mama Smiles. Dealing with fighting siblings is one of my biggest challenges right now. How do you deal with it??

No More Sibling Rivalry! Successful Parenting Secrets.

Tips for encouraging strong sibling relationships. With 5 kids my parents had these tips down pat. Now my siblings are my best friends because we were raised to respect eachother!

social skills practice the process then make the chart

Marjorie & Kristi on

Calm down chart. Have students list the steps they use to calm down. Then add pictures from magazines or other sources to add additional structure. Promotes self-regulation and independence.

It can break their spirit or encourage it.

The Way we Talk to our Children Becomes their Inner Voice by Peggy O'Mara {parents and teachers. take a moment and hear the voices of your childhood, do you still hear them now? Very powerful quote!} [Then my son's inner voice is quite funny]

Character Building Family Friendly Movie Nights on Netflix

Character Building Movie Nights for Kids {on Netflix

Character Building Family Friendly Movie Nights on Netflix -Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

{Siblings!} Here's 5 Ways to Foster Sibling Love ... how well do your children get along and what do you do to encourage a loving relationship?

5 Ways to Foster Sibling Love

{Guest Post on BonBon Break} 5 Ways to Foster Sibling Love by Shawn Ledington Fink of Awesomely Awake

Creative Ways to Get More Jesus in Your Day - LOVE this!

A while back, late at night I found a super cheesy religious channel on cable but realized at and speakers I like came on. I record them now and turn them on when folding my laundry!

Kids of Integrity - Lessons and Activites

Kids of Integrity: Free lesson plans for character training in areas such as contentedness, forgiveness, thankfulness, etc. From Focus on the Family.

Kids of Integrity - extensive lessons on Godly character

Kids of Integrity - 20 FREE Lessons on Character

Kids of Integrity, 20 lesson plans for building character traits)

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