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favorite 20x200's

i am a 20x200 addict. i covet and subversively purchase pieces, then hide them in plain sight from my husband in their delightful brown kraft envelopes. you should visit the site and see what i mean. i'm a sucker for art.

favorite 20x200's

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Nice Pants, by Landon Nordeman - 20x200 (from $24)

Nice Pants - 20x200

Encrusted, by Michelle Hinebrook - 20x200 (from $24)

Encrusted - 20x200

Untitled #6, by Jessica Bruah - 20x200 (from $24) - I have this and I Looooooove it!!!

Untitled #6 - 20x200

Four Kings (from the Almost Elvis series), by Landon Nordeman - 20x200 (from $24)

Four Kings (from the Almost Elvis series)

Momento Vitae, by Alexander Beeching - 20x200 (from $24)

Momento Vitae - 20x200

False Memory, by Ricky Allman - 20x200 (from $24)

Disco Peak, by Ricky Allman - 20x200 (from $24)

The Triple Vision Flattened Fantasy from the Disbanding of Michelle duBois, by Zoe Crosher | 20x200

Tiffany & Co., by Zach Nader | 20x200

Supported, by Ky Anderson | 20x200

Swimming Contest, Astoria Pool, 1936, by 20x200 Artist Fund | 20x200

Untitled (Legoland with Horse), Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, by Cydney Puro | 20x200

Eiffel Tower, grounds, Exposition Universelle, 1900, by 20x200 Artist Fund | 20x200

plain. by tom kondrat. iceland.

Plank. David Salle. This piece is part of an ongoing effort to keep two things in mind at once.

milling machine shelves by joseph o. holmes.

grab you by austin kleon.

Untitled 2010 by Tierney Gearon. (Mine!)

Grassy Girl by Tierney Gearon. (Mine!)

You. by Williams Powhida.

Sarah Waiting for the Tide. Laura Bell. (This is me right now in the Bahamas!)

Shadow by Thomas Prior.

Approach by Thomas Prior.

Jet Blast by Thomas Prior.

Cougar Friends by Jessica Craig-Martin. I need this for my Marymount Girls. You know who you are.