Alisse Araujo Ribeiro

Alisse Araujo Ribeiro

Alisse Araujo Ribeiro
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Fairy  || @bonnie_amoore                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Image Collection Fantasy Fairies, Pixies and Sprites I like the softness of the powder makeup here but also her wire ear cuffs.

Talvez uma dessas alternativas sirva para você ganhar mais mobilidade e organização dentro do seu lar, doce lar.

Pegboards are simple accessories, often used in areas such as offices. However, they're considerably more versatile than that and the pegboard system can b

A Building That Plays Music When It Rains | (10 Beautiful Photos)

Musical Rain Gutter Funnel Wall in Dresden Germany by Christoph Roßner, Annette Paul, and Andre Tempel

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The Internet is Reviving LSD Research – Clouds Taste Metallic – Medium

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too-much-midi: “ billtavis: “ fractal thinking ” Are Acid Visions Fractals? There’s an interesting theory of the geometric forms in psychedelic hallucinations based on mathematics by Jack Cowen and Bard Ermentrout. These two mathematicians see.