Alison Tiemeyer | Christian Writer
Alison Tiemeyer | Christian Writer
Alison Tiemeyer | Christian Writer

Alison Tiemeyer | Christian Writer

Writer. Jesus-follower. Glory-seeker. Join me on the journey to discovering a bold life rooted in God's grace!

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How to Embrace Grace This Year

Sometimes New Years Resolutions and goal setting just feels like more hustle. Let's put first things first and embrace grace for the new year.

10 Verses to Inspire You to FOLLOW After God

To follow is to... is to go after. To follow is to... move behind someone in the same direction. Following God is sometimes so easy. But other times it is difficult to step out in faith. Today, we offer 10 Bible verses that will inspire, motivate, & encourage you to follow after God wholeheartedly. Why not stop by for a visit?

A-Z Verses for Dealing with Anxiety

Are you searching for relief from anxiety? Meditating on this A-Z list of Bible verses is the best way of coping with anxious thoughts, fears, and worries. Scripture is full of powerful truth. Claim it for yourself today & find peaceful relief!

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Friend, your words are not enough to get you through the tough of life. You need the Words of Life. Read here for how to memorize Scripture the easy way!

How to Make Christmas All About Christ

How can we make much of Jesus this holiday season with all of the focus on gifts, trees, cookies, and stockings? Sure, those things are not bad, but we should make sure that our traditions and our celebrations honor Christ - the real reason for the season. Here are eight ways to make much of Christ with your holiday traditions!

When You Stink at Submission

If you want to submit to your husband but find that you stink at it, you're not alone. As Christians, our marriages are meant to reflect the gospel to the world. But so often we get this wrong. So often we struggle to respect and honor our husbands as we should. Here is some encouragement to help you submit to your husband!

How to Achieve Your Goals with 3 Simple Questions

Have you ever set a goal only to find yourself frustrated a few weeks later? Or maybe you set a goal and forgot all about it! I believe that there are three questions we should ask ourselves before setting any goals. These questions are foundational & essential to success! Find out how to achieve your goals here!

10 Ways to Completely Avoid An Affair

Would you like some practical truths that will help you to protect your marriage? Here are some wise words of counsel and useful tips that can offer incredible protection to your relationship.

Encouragement for the One with Ministry Burnout

The kingdom work you are doing is totally worth your courage, friend. In the…

How to be a Successful Christian Blogger

As a Christian blogger, you have a mighty job to do. It's a calling, and it's not always easy. Here are three truths that will help you become a truly successful christian blogger!