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Carola Cavazos
Carola Cavazos
Carola Cavazos

Carola Cavazos

Jennifer Aniston's Ab workout....Wow these really work! Sounds easy enough, all except for the pushps

"Muffin Top Blaster" Love Handles at Home Workout – Visit to download this printable PDF workout, FREE

The Five-Minute Flat-Abs Workout: Four exercises to sculpt a sexy stomach blog.womenshealth...

6 week AT-HOME CrossFit INSPIRED workout plan!!! WEEK 1!!! I want to follow your 6 week journey!! Post with the hashtags #6weekstofab

Want to burn fat and destroy cellulite? This wondrous juice does just that.

This 30 day Paleo challenge... everything is written out.. totally doable

thats how you gotta be everything is better when you dont care what people think. i promise.

our christmas pan, homemade monkey bread recipe for Christmas morning

a drawer that wraps around the sink - great idea!

How to be Happy ~ Susan Branch Perfect words and colours for my kitchen wall!

gemini facts | Tumblr truth in this...especially with finals coming up and the whole studying thing...mehrr

This is why I cannot decide what to have for lunch everyday, hahaha... via Zodiac City on tumblr.

Today's Gemini Fact From!

I can't not even count how many times people think I am a Gemini !! My goodnessss I'm born in March just saying

Yep that's me alright. Better to just do it myself so much easier and quicker.

Don't try to force or change me. I tell my husband this all the time.

As a Gemini, you're apt to blow a gasket dealing with slow or stubborn people, especially when you feel like you're talking to a wall.

If we mean it!! We usually don't so don't get your hopes up!! It's just temporary..

See people, it isn't my fault you don't get me....I'm a Gemini, nobody gets me!

Kind of odd since they tend to twist truth a bit...

don't usually pay attention to these, but this one is quite accurate