” I’m Stronger Because Of My Hard Times, Wiser Because Of My Mistakes, And Happier Because Of My Sad Experiences ”

Sunflower wedding bouquet

Sunflower wedding bouquet-- with dark purple and periwinkle blue. Remove orange add some more greenery and remove the white flowers. More wildflower shape with overflowing grasses and flowers.

crystals winter wedding

A Winter Wonderland of Chandeliers a beautiful wonderland of lights. These crystal chandeliers are such an elegant touch to this winter table! Also, notice the warm faux-fur covered chairs that tie in the entire winter theme.

recycled liquor bottles

Reutilização de materiais na decoração

Whiskey bottle lighting (can also use wine bottles or other colourful glass containers - even pop bottles would work :)

Wow ....

If you are having an outdoor reception, consider hanging lights like this, or twinkly Christmas lights strung all around. This is a simple way to create a stunning background for your photos and provide beautiful ambient lighting.

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