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Great workout idea!

What a fun way to start getting active or to mix up your usual routine! Write exercises on popsicle sticks (buy them at a craft store) and put them in one cup. Whenever you have a chance, grab one, do what it says and move the stick to the "Done" cup.

Good for swimming

Morning routine for days that I don't feel like going to the gym? (Although if my options are this or the gym, I'm probably going to get myself to the gym.) another quick workout!

Here is the full Ab Workout if anyone was interested - Imgur | Abs Hard Exercises 2

Lower Ab Attack from Back on Pointe Want to tone up those hard-to-reach lower abdominals? Here's a workout to target them, but remember: the only way to lose a lower belly pooch is through healthy diet, losing general body fat, and staying fit.

Bodybuilding motivation with the greatest bodybuilder the Legend ronnie coleman

Which work out works where. Should you workout today? Kettleball Exercises for Seniors : Workouts & Exercise Routines Ab workout Abs Worko.

10 minute standing ab workout. obsessed!!!

Standing Abs - Full 10 Minute Workout [video]: Join fitness expert Jessica Smith for this full length, 10 minute standing abs workout that will keep your heart rate up as you target your abdominals (and more!) for even faster results.