American Girl Doll Crafts

DIY ideas and tutorials on fun stuff for AGD or other 18" dolls

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American Girl Doll Crafts

American Girl Doll Crafts

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Tv and tv stand. ( tv is picture frame from Michaels, tv stand is jewelry box from kmart) total cost: $9

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DVD rental box for American Girl Dolls

Sunday Showcase for September 22
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    Jennifer Williams

    How do you make that

Pixie Kid Designs headbands on Facebook

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AGD pet beds - for K

CC's Doll Swag & DIY: DIY AG doll DOG/Pet BEDS

terrace for kananis shave ice

GymboFriends Gymboree Discussion Forums

Ballet Barre for dolls

Ballet Barre for dolls

DIY Doll-sized Ironing Board

DIY Doll-sized Ironing Board
  • Brandi Vaughan
    Brandi Vaughan


How to Make - DIY Julie's Canopy Bed

Living A Doll's Life : How to Make - DIY Julie's Canopy Bed

Make Sweets and Treats for your AG Dolls from beads and craft foam. A fun new YouTube Video from MyFroggyStuff

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    Erica Soper

    cute could u gow a lil slower

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    Super cute!!!

Arts and Crafts for your American Girl Doll: Rock climbing wall for American girl dolls •just paint a cardboard box grey/white •glue on colored beads or colored/painted tiny rocks •glue a piece of ribbon to the top then make a detachable harness by rapping ribbon around your doll use Velcro to detach.

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  • Jul D
    Jul D

    Wow i never new somone could make something that cool that fast

  • Sophia Rosen✨
    Sophia Rosen✨

    That looks NEAT

  • brigno way
    brigno way

    I like that alot

  • JustADDsparkle

    I'm so amazed by how easy it is to do something that looks so complicated!!

  • Rachael Walling
    Rachael Walling


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American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: How to Make a Doll Soccer Net

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: How to Make a Doll Soccer Net

Doll Craft: Make Your Dolls a Science Set

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  • Jamie York
    Jamie York

    thats so creative

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    christy Johnson

    so cool how do you make it?

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    becky saunders

    how do u make it

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    jamie wall

    i want to make that so bad how do you make it

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: Craft: How to Make a Doll Scooter

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    So Cool!!

Tacky glue doll milk American Girl craft idea

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    It's a very good idea

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    Paola Mares

    I will surely be using this idea for breakfast!!

DIY Saige's balloon. A wicker basket, slim PVC poles and a paper lantern. No tutorial, just this photo. I think you could attach the poles to the basket corners with zip-ties.

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  • Maribel Nazario- Tirado
    Maribel Nazario- Tirado

    Love it

  • Dabbins

    You might be able to hot glue them.

  • Ava Bradford
    Ava Bradford

    this is so cool. all it needs is to fly lol

DIY easy doll chair! Add cushions and BAAM!

How to make a wooden Doll Couch and Chair! | Milk & Cuddles
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    Emileigh Edmister

    Very pretty.

  • Nani

    Looks very simple, how do you make it?

  • Ashleigh Haase-Bryson
    Ashleigh Haase-Bryson

    cool!!!! i like it.

The Homes I Have Made: A Doll-Sized China Hutch - A (Mini) Furniture Makeover!

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Craft Your Own Doll Size Lockers from cardboard boxes.

Craft Your Own Doll Size Lockers | Doll It Up
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    Sophia Rosen✨

    Yay I have a lot of cardboard boxes

  • Kelly

    cool idea

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: How to Make a Doll Soccer Net

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: How to Make a Doll Soccer Net
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    April Waller


DIY Doll Wardrobe

DIY Doll Wardrobe
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    Julia O

    Cool, but how is it diy?

Kanani's Shaved Ice Stand

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AG doll tent pattern

Mini-Tent Pattern + Tutorial | Sew Mama Sew |

I love the idea of crafting various backdrops for Barbie, AG, or stuffed animal play. It's reasonably-priced, fun to make, and takes up very little space.

American Girl Doll Play: Creating a Doll Classroom
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    how do u make it? LOVE!!!

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    please tell me how to make it just email it to

American Girl doll room made out of foam board: 3 pcs foam board, covered the walls with contact paper, used sticky back vinyl tiles to cover the floor from HD

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Idea for DIY - American girl doll rooms I need to figure out how to make one cheaper!!!

American Doll Room | American Doll House Gallery
  • Amy McFadden
    Amy McFadden

    I just made one with a large box I flipped on one of the two long sides. Then I cut off what is now the top (save the folding flap so you can extend the "floor"). Measure and cut a window in the back and reinforce with electrical or duct tape. Cover "walls" and "floor" with contact paper. Getting ready to add "curtains" to the window. This took me less than an hour andit is totally cute and made with stuff I already had in the house so it was free and green, too! Going to experiment with adding a few shelves. Addictive!

  • Amy Winter Spann
    Amy Winter Spann

    Awesome idea, thanks! I will have to try it.