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All Natural Snake Repellent Ingredients Clove oil Cinnamon oil Simply mix a 50:50 mixture of clove and cinnamon oils and spray them around the foundation of your home, dog houses, walkways, garages, doors or anywhere you want to keep snakes away from.

How many plants to grow per square.

potted bench

curved built in seating with fountain & fire pit

Pallet combo: bench+planter+terrace | 1001 Pallets

the garden-roof coop: DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders @ DIY Home Ideas

rustic & rural & hollyhocks

How to easily grow your own ginger indoors

Stepping stone inspiration!

Continuous cilantro growing method, worth pinning even if a second time!.

Wire frame around the tree is invisible and creates a great trellis effect. I use coated chicken wire.

Mow-over flower bed edging - well, isn't that a good idea!

Trellis between two raised beds increases your growing space and creates shade!

How to Build a Rain Barrel - This DIY rain barrel costs less than $100 and works just as well as the expensive one you can buy. Get complete how-to instructions and start saving water with the next rainfall.

How to Grow Raspberries: Raspberry Growing Requirements - Soil, Location, Water, Mulch. Difference between Summer Bearing and Fall Bearing Raspberries.

Cute idea for even high school graduation. Get the book too and have guests sign the book.

Great tip! Before gardening/yard work, drag your nails across a bar of soap, claw-like. The soapy buildup will protect the area under the nail bed from a soily invasion. Once you are done mucking about in the dirt you’ll find that washing up is a breeze! @ its-a-green-life