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Why thank you for reminding me about all the heartbreak I went through to get to these points.

  • Nikki Jackson

    True, but she was no longer able to continue to do brave acts/show her bravery since she died. Grant it, she death was an act of bravery, but nobody will see any new acts of bravery from her because she's dead.

  • Tia

    She was brave until the end

  • Nikki Jackson

    Even in the end. :)

  • Bella Nolan

    I have the sudden urge to cry

  • Nattie Stark

    And that people is how to make others cry.

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Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Memes

What’s your favorite animal? Omg their faces.

Harry Potter’s mind blowing realisation… i don't even think he noticed it though…

Yes, Patrick. It is.

If Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch ever got in a fight!

I see what you did there...

Tom Hiddleston - "I love you" This Audio... WARNING: You may have troubles breathing after listening

Batman by Greg Capullo. He is one of the best comic book artist there is. Consistently brilliant.

Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. they are the best

The faces. The faces totally made it.

Insurgent inspired antique bronze plated by ForeverTrinkets, $15.00

Pokemon ~~ Pikachu kisses you! KYAAAAAAAAA (⌒▽⌒)

Misha Collins. Wow, bed head we could look at all day long ;)

  • April Kinsey

    I don't know how his wife isn't always pregnant!! I'd be on him everyday

  • faith

    Looks like he had a really great night:)

Xena by ~Xena-Michele on deviantART