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Teneille-travel and dance all in one. Back On Pointe

It's tank top season! Get strong, slim arms with this 5-minute yoga routine. |

Sit with your legs extended in front of you. Bend your right knee and clasp your shin with both hands. Flex your left foot and lift it a few...

Short-Shorts Workout: Leg- and Butt-Toning Moves this video is so hardcore, but so simple. LOVE THIS

Line a muffin tin with slices of turkey. Crack an egg into each muffin spot, and season with salt, pepper, and paprika. Bake at 375ºF for 20 minutes!

Say Goodbye to the Bloat With These Healthy Asparagus Recipes.. love asparagus!

How to Make Your Own Compost Like a DIY Pro | Greatist

List of 20 stability ball exercises for upper body, lower body and core. Now I'll finally make use of the stability ball that sits in the living room!

67 Science Backed Ways to Lose Weight... Honestly - I've tried a lot of these things and they've helped and I even found a few new ideas to try! This is the most comprehensive list of tips for healthy weight-loss I've seen yet. Read it... pick a few tips and try 'em out.

10 healthy breakfast recipes

30 Day abs, just in time for Spring.

Bow Bow pose increases flexibility in your spine, and offers a great stretch for tight shoulders. While lying on your belly, bend both knees, reach your arms behind you and hold onto your ankles. Use your leg muscles to press your feet back and give height to your torso. Stay like this for five breaths and then release.

How to tie your running shoes to fit your feet better. a podiatrist showed her this trick! wow - the high arches, vs. wide foot tie is fantastic. Also narrow foot and heel slipping ties.

Have Your Cake and Sip It Too: High-Protein Carrot Cake Smoothie