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Mario Bros themed room… They get the best parent award!! How freakin awesome is this room?!

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At home crossfit workout

I've already decided that as a wedding gift, I'm giving my husband a long coat and suspenders as a hint.

Only the mayo one .... the others could be dangerous if some little kid see's you doing it and copies you. The windex one could work at an adult only costume party if you came as a window pane.

Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead ... talks about his 4 year old daughter. awww she sounds really cute

5-Star*****Carnitas..this smells unbelievable in the CROCKPOT. It is So directions carefully-uses a 4-5lb. pork shoulder or butt, but once you shred it and remove most of the fat, it's enough for a meal with leftovers, even better the next day! My daughter asks for this...and brings friends!

This is so funny.

is that hello kitty??

Gotta love Johnny Depp

  • Heather B

    Okay some questions but first the "Emo Wolverine" really cracked me up!!!!!! Now onto the questions I hope you can answer: In what movies was he a detective, 3 psychotic writers, and a father? I was also going to ask about the tea drinker...but that's Hatter and my FAVORITE portrayal of him soo lol Hope you can answer! Thanks! :)

  • Lisa Cuddy

    Tell you the truth i have no idea haha. I shall find out tho.

  • Heather B

    Haha! Okay thank you! I tried researching it and didn't get much except for I think the movie was Zodiac and he was a detective...I know he and Rober Downey Jr. starred in it together and RDJ was The Zodiac (A serial killer who no one has caught yet but don't worry, he was in the 70's and 80's) and Johnny Depp was the detective or something...but I'm not sure. I tried researching "When was Johnny Depp a psychotic writer?" and got up some.......well.....pretty interesting books and movies......and some REAL psychotic writers......but ANYWAY lol ;)

  • Lisa Cuddy

    Haha wow that is a lot!

  • Heather B

    Lol yeah

I can't stop laughing at this

And this is why we love Disney. Taking horrible stories and somehow making them into fairy tales for kids...

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sheldon the turtle, or is he a snail...?

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Finally!!!! Klaroline!! @Megan Ward Bell that smile bottom right.. so worth the wait lol