Andrea Lundstrom

Andrea Lundstrom

Andrea Lundstrom
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Tis the season to make chalkboard art! Wallies has peel-and-stick chalkboard vinyl decals in all sizes. Easily removable and so much easier to use than messy chalkboard paint.

This is it with a double band!

Intricate Milgrain Accent Gallery Detail Oval Halo Engagement Ring Styles and Marquise and Round Shape Diamond Stackable Half Circle Band Style

Fall chalkboard ideas and inspiration. Make things easy on yourself and use Wallies' peel-and-stick chalkboard sheets instead of messy chalkboard paint. Sheets come in all sizes and remove easily with no sticky mess.

Thankful for so many things this year!t

Thankful for so many things this year! I finally made another chalk lettered sign. I just couldn't bring myself to erase the first one I made a back in July! ✍️️ Chalkboard from + Imagination Station Dustless chalk.