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The Art of the Pointe Shoe

Whether they are stinky, old, and torn up, or brand new with shiny satin, we find these pointe shoes equally gorgeous and almost as mystical as the dancers who wear them.
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There was a spell cast on the red shoes that would cause their wearer to dance until she removed them. The problem with the red shoes is that while wearing them, the dancer would dance so well that she wouldn't want to take them off and would dance herself to death. #Ballet #Ballet dancer #Ballet flats #Ballet shoes #Ballet workout

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what's the pointe

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#weheartit #pointe #ballet #dance I love ballet and I especially love beautiful feet! This is a favourite ballet shoe pic! Follow me for more pointe shoe pins, ballet tutus, costumes and bling! Lastly, if you'd like to be a patron of a the ballet and keep this art form alive in Africa, head over to like us and send me a message!

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Sleeping Beauty theme decorated pointe shoe

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love this. true ballet flats

Chloé Ballet Pump - -


Greta Sharp's Mobile news, Sept. 13

Jewels and pointe shoes

Greta Sharp's Mobile news, Sept. 13

Now that is a ballet hat. Ha!

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Knee-high pointe shoes?

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Zentangle Pointe Shoes, Hand Painted

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Pointe Sculpture

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Svetlana Zakharova. Swoon.

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Hello, Marie-Agnès Gillot.

Masterpieces of Humanity

Holy arch, Batman.

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Alessandra Ferri's amazing feet!

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Pointe shoe rainbow.

Laugh Out Loud: Polina Semionova

Dancers are the athletes of God.

Dancers are the athletes of God.

Out of the pointe shoes.

Photo by Alejandro Lopez

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What You Need to Know Before Detoxing

Photo: ROBERT MAXWELL. Jennie Somogyi, 29, principal dancer with the New York City Ballet. "I've been a professional dancer for 13 years. I was on pointe at 8 years old, just one year after I started dancing, because my ballet teacher thought I was strong for my age. She told me never to pamper my feet. A lot of dancers tape their toes, but she said I shouldn't: If I was ever without tape, I wouldn't be able to dance."

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Adult Ulanova Pointe Shoe

Grishko Ulanova pointe shoes. Just beautiful. $70.90

Free Shipping - Ulanova Pointe Shoe by GRISHKO

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On their toes.

Adventures in Adulthood: Beginners’ Ballet