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"They refuse to give joint interviews to journalists, including this one, and despite numerous offers, they have never been officially photographed together for the glossy magazines desperate to get them into their pages."

"The Anti-Power Couple: Duro Olowu and Thelma Golden. The New York Times interviews Brit Duro Olowu and American Thelma Golden, who make a rare public appearance together, to introduce his art show.

Can I replace my billionth lost cardigan with a $5, factory-made version and think only of its anecdotal history, and not of its military and fascist historical origins, or its contemporary sweatshop ones? Used properly, with knowledge of its history, the cardigan offers an opportunity to wrap these questions around the body, rather than just to let them roll around in the head.

Great Cardigans In History: "the Seventh Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell a British cavalry officer who led the charge of the Light Brigade at Balaklava during the Crimean War, supposedly while wearing his signature knitted wool waistcoat.

What makes us engage in casual sex? Do we enjoy it? Does it benefit us in any way—or, perhaps, might it harm us?

Part research project, part society devoted to titillation, the Casual Sex Project reminds us that hookups aren't just for college students.

"[...] After all, sex can be an intensely personal, empowering expression of one’s identity—and all the histories, insecurities, and desires that come with it. But it can also just be fun. In this respect, it is much like fashion. And in his little shop in Schöneberg, Marc Lindinger has tapped into both—and managed to build a sophisticated, devoted, global clientele that would be the envy of any couturier."

In the heart of Berlin, a beloved kink shop is a charming, healing presence

Few remember that the origins of our modern American surveillance state were forged over 115 years ago, half a world away in the Philippine Islands.

Few remember that the origins of our modern American surveillance state were forged over 115 years ago, half a world away in the Philippine Islands.

"The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret slides that provides a window into the inner workings of the U.S. military’s kill/capture operations at a key time in the evolution of the drone wars — between 2011 and 2013. The documents, which also outline the internal views of special operations forces on the shortcomings and flaws of the drone program, were provided by a source within the intelligence community who worked on the types of operations and programs described in the slides…

"The Assassination Complex" by Jeremy Scahill. The whistleblower who leaked the drone papers believes the public is entitled to know how people are placed on kill lists and assassinated on orders from the president.

Once, I asked Hoffman whether he thought that having grown up without siblings or a conventional family, without roots in a neighborhood, had made especially intense his connections to friends, professional contacts, people he met online, society as a whole. He shrugged amiably and said that the thought had never occurred to him. “Is that the psychological origin story for my focus on networks?” he said. “Maybe.”

New Yorker: Hoffman, who founded LinkedIn, has a premise about how the economic world will work from now on.

"The key to the gothic is that a rambling old house is a complex map: to the state of a madman’s mind, to the intricacies of a mystery or conspiracy, to the condition (usually in decay) of a family or a society. […]"

Marked by doomy shadows and decayed mansions, the gothic style was a natural fit for horrors and has since come to influence almost every genre in film

"I'm not saying that I don't have skills," he reflects. "I'm saying I don't feel like I can use my skills to achieve self-esteem. I feel like it's cheating. I think that I should have self-esteem simply because I am a human being who deserves love and deserves everything just as much or just as little as everyone else. A lot of times, my self-esteem is attached to what I do. But I could get throat cancer and lose my voice. Then what? Would I be worthless? The answer can't be yes."

The songwriter's hard-won words of hope inspire brotherly compassion in writer Barry Walters.

"[...] Nothing here feels heavy or labored — in fact, some tracks sound like they could have happened live in the studio. In those moments, everyone involved is seeking not just the right notes, but also the most apt expression; those sounds that lift the music into the higher spirit realms. For years, a standing criticism of loop-based music has been that its repetitions rarely elevate, much less soar. That's not the case here."

The bestselling French DJ and producer returns with his first album in 15 years, aided by the great guitarist Guimba Kouyate.

"In the hours following the Kennedy assassination, he was offered thousands of dollars to sell his footage to various members of the press. Zapruder eventually settled on Life magazine because, according to the Washington Post, 'Life was a class outfit, because the magazine agreed to handle the film with discretion, and because he liked the quiet, well-dressed man the magazine sent to see him.'"

Consider the Source: The Importance of the Eyewitness in Real-Time News Coverage