With all the choices on offer, would Waitrose consider putting one of their Brazilian Wandering Spiders in their DINNER FOR TWO to speed up making a decision, writes Craig Brown.

One piece 598 599 Brook by Natalya-Ru on deviantART

Brook 2 years later One Piece series: Luffy [link] Zoro [link] Nami [link] Usopp [link] Sanji [link] Chopper [link] Robin [link] Franky [link] Sunny [link] One piece 598 599 Brook

One Piece Film Z: Brook by PhantomRed17

One Piece Film Z: Brook by on DeviantArt

Pirates, Characters, Straw Hats, Music, Chopper, One Piece, Hands, Galleries, Anime Art


I think Brook is the only person alive who can wear skin colored clothes


2 hour painting of Brook's design from One Piece Film: Z I love the earrings. The character portrayed in this painting is copyrighted by Eiichiro Oda an. One Piece Film: Z Brook


part of the big Strong World minimalist poster done in PS Sanji-SW minimalist wallpaper

Brook -New World Version- by ~pein444 on deviantART

Name: Brook Age: 90 Birthday: April Affiliations: Straw Hat Pirates Occupations: Musician, Swordsman Devil Fruit: Yomi Yomi no Mi Meaning: From Revi. Brook -New World Version-