Allegra Piccio

Allegra Piccio
Italy / I'm a 22 years old girl who loves art, fashion, travels, food and funny things. I'm a bit geeky too. Don't worry about that
Allegra Piccio
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Another day has passed and I didn't use algebra (or geometry, or calculus) ONCE

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Funny pictures about Meaning of 'Askhole'. Oh, and cool pics about Meaning of 'Askhole'. Also, Meaning of 'Askhole' photos.

Soooooo cheeeesy!!!

Funny Sealy Animal Pun Memes Picture (my family be like this with all their puns any time we are all together)


Reminds me of a carload of high school kids going across the border. Customs officer: "Any firearms, guns or other weapons in the vehicle?" 18 year old hotshot in back seat: "What do you need?