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Louisville, Ky  ·  We provide for the humane treatment of unowned community cats in Kentuckiana by directing a Trap-Neuter-Return program. We've spayed/neutered over 30,000 cats.
Alley Cat
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We can all agree that our pet cats are safest when kept strictly indoors, but wouldn't you love to let your kitty enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors, while still being protected from predators? Catios - or, cat patios - are the latest craze among cat parents. And, it turns out, you can create a catio for your feline friend that fits your living situation - and your budget! Follow along as eBay shares a simple guide to building a safe space for your cat to play!

Picking out the perfect cat treat from your local pet store can be overwhelming for cat parents - especially if your cat has a dietary restriction, or if you've ever flipped the treat package over and.