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Insurance Information

Need to know more about different types of insurance, if you should bother with it, or how much it costs? We've compiled useful insurance information here.

Insurance Information

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Our survey finds someone living a few blocks over might pay much lower premiums.

Auto Insurance: What A Difference A ZIP Code Can Make |

Think life insurance is beyond your family budget? You can't afford not to have it.

Why Young Parents Need Life Insurance |

You can rock your health exam and save thousands of dollars on insurance premiums.

6 Tips To Prepare For A Life Insurance Medical Exam |

Get clued in on how to avoid a house's insurance claim history and avoid surprises.

CLUE Report - What Is It And How Can It Help Homebuyers? |

Sure, you're young, but people may be depending on you. Don't shrug off coverage.

Why Millennials Should Consider Life Insurance |

When it comes to costs and benefits, don't be fooled by these faulty rules of thumb.

6 Myths About Buying Life Insurance |

Damage from water left running? Your homeowner insurance may pay, not punish.

Home Insurance: Will It Cover A Bathtub Flood? |

In your 60s and nearing retirement? Here's why you should keep life insurance.

Why You Still Need Life Insurance In Your 60s |

If your life insurance is lacking, you have no good excuses and no time to waste.

Life Insurance: 7 Reasons You Need To Buy It Now |

Insurance for worker's husbands and wives is facing cuts. Is it Obamacare's fault?

Employer Health Plans: Is Spousal Coverage Doomed? |

Employer private health insurance exchanges are proving popular. But will workers be stuck with the bill?

For workers, more plans — and costs?

Health care errors kill thousands each year. If you get sick, will you be at risk?

Medical Mistakes: What Every Patient Needs To Know |

Got trees near your house? Your insurance probably won't leave you out on a limb.

What Home Insurance Protects From Falling Trees? |

Very young drivers tend to draw very high premiums for car insurance. Is it true things change at 25?

Will I Really Save On Auto Insurance When I Turn 25? |

One million homeowners could see flood premiums rise 10-18% this year under flood reform.

Here come those rising flood rates

Can you return a partial payout of home insurance if you don't need all the money to make repairs?

Return Home Insurance Payout? |

If you're older and plan on working past 65, and are covered by workplace health insurance, should you wait to apply for Medicare?

Applying For Medicare: Will I Owe A Penalty If I Wait? |

This tax season marks the debut of the Obamacare penalty for Americans who failed to have health insurance last year under the ACA. Here's how to avoid it!

Obamacare Uninsured Penalty: How To Duck It |

Should an uninsured woman who becomes pregnant qualify to enroll in Obamacare health insurance at any point during the year? A group of supporters says yes.

Special enrollment for pregnant women?

Federal and state-based exchanges are giving people more time to enroll in a health insurance plan - Feb. 22nd, to be exact.

Obamacare deadline is stretched « Bankrate, Inc.

6 steps you can take to ace your life insurance exam and save money on your premiums.

6 Tips To Prepare For A Life Insurance Medical Exam |

Don't let term life insurance overstay its welcome. Make your policy permanent while you can.

Make Term Life Insurance Permanent Before Its Too Late |

Going through life-chaning milestones can leave you feeling naked, coverage-wise. Is it time to buy more life insurance?

Life Insurance From Marriage Into Midlife |

Getting life insurance is a worthwhile financial goal for anyone that has dependents. Have you been putting off getting covered?

Why You Need To Get Life Insurance

Everything you need to know about Health Savings Accounts in order to figure out if they're right for you.

Health Savings Accounts: What You Need to Know