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    Topics about Redheads

    There's a lot to being a redhead, it's not just a hair colour. We have been loved and loathed for centuries, are featured in popular culture and past art, and living life as a redhead is a wonderful thing.

    Topics about Redheads

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    My fellow redheads, I hope you all enjoyed Tuesdays revelries… or, for most of you, the weekends debauchery. Even if you have no Irish ancestry, as a redhead, St. Patrick’s is your day. People rub your head for good luck, call you a leprechaun (or is that just me…?), and above all, definitely expect you to be wearing green. That is our color, right? We’ve all heard it… most likely more than once…. "Redheads look so good in green.” Well, considering the broad spectrum of colors available to us, I should hope there’s more than just one that we can truly rock. So here are 4 colors that every redhead should have in her closet (in addition to green of course): 1. Yellow. This is especially true in the summer.. find a yellow, be it gold, sunflower or saffron, and rock it. Trust me, you'll look amazing.   2. Turquoise. Yes, yes and yes! This may seem oddly specific. I mean, why

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    From the start, James Schroeder knew he would continue his Ginger Pride Walk through downtown Rome each year. The red-haired local artist just didn’t know if anyone would join him.

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    redheads are going to take over the earth- guess we better get in line... #redheads #obvs

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    Redheads, add a splash of colour to your spring wardrobe

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