Yarn Crafts for Kids

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Get rid of old CDs with Spectacular CD Weaving. These crafts for kids are easy, but look how amazing they look!!

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Kid Stitches: Finger Knitting Projects To Keep Them Busy This Summer

50 Yarn Crafts for Kids | AllFreeKidsCrafts.com

Got yarn scraps? Use 'em up by making a Yarn Bowl!

Tiny Yarn Butterflies- use up your yarn scraps in the cutest way possible! I think I could make 100 of these with all my scrap yarn...

Cheerful Yarn Pom Pom Bouquet | OMG, can I make these in every color? These are the prettiest yarn crafts I've ever seen!

Fun and Easy Kids Crafts for All Ages - Explore, Imagine, and Create! AllFreeKidsCrafts

Kids in Stitches: Finger Knitting and Yarn Crafts for Kids | Finger Knitting Hula Hoop Rug from Stitch and Unwind and AllFreeKidsCrafts @AllFreeKnitting

Kids can make a Jingling Finger Knit Door Drape once they learn the basics of finger knitting. This simple piece makes for a fun bedroom decoration that kids will love making in their spare time. Kids' knitting projects are simple and fun with this beautiful tutorial.

Celebrate Movember with this funny mustache crochet pattern!

Who knew recycled craft projects could be so yarn cute? Use your leftover yarn scraps to make So Yarn Cute Napkin Rings for your next special occasion.

Kids can wind yarn in order to unwind! A Finger Knitting Hula Hoop Rug is an amazing beginner knitting pattern for kids.

Beginner embroidery! We love easy yarn crafts for kids.

This Pom Pom Caterpillar is such an adorable homemade toy for kids to make. Little ones will love learning how to make pom poms for this yarn project!

This Super-Easy Yarn Octopus is an adorable homemade toy for kids to make. It's so cuddly!

Pom Pom Bookmarks are great yarn crafts for kids who love to read!

Kids can totally make their own yarn-wrapped letters! What a cute bedroom decorating idea, or just a fun boredom buster for lazy days.

Yarn art for kids..

Pom Pom Fruit Tutorial - Coolest Thing Ever!

Need a quick yarn craft for the kids? Try these yarn creatures! Let the kids design their own yarn monsters!

The Cork Cage Yarn Coaster is an awesome way to use yarn scraps. They look so funky; I love them!

Loopy Yarn Rainbow -- this is an amazingly creative way to use yarn! Crafts for kids are so innovative!!

Learn to weave with this yarn craft for kids. Yes!!

I LOVE finding new techniques for making yarn crafts for kids. Straw weaving? Why not?!