Yarn Organization Ideas

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Yarn Organization Ideas

Yarn Organization Ideas

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The Best Crochet Walker Organizer - Carry all necessities on the side of your walker to make things a bit easier to move around.

The Best Crochet Walker Organizer


circle display, could be done with concrete tubes against a wall

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Organize your crochet stash with these tips and crochet patterns. Keep your yarn neatly packed in these crochet designs.

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Genius...organize yarn using a DVD tower #yarnstorage #yarnorganization #yarn #crochet #knit

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  • Katie's Crochet Goodies & Crafts
    Katie's Crochet Goodies & Crafts

    Thanks! I absolutely adore it, and so do all of my visitors including those who do not crochet or knit :-)

#DIY Crochet Bathroom Door Organizer #homemade #crafts #crochet

DIY Crochet Bathroom Door Organizer

  • Betty White
    Betty White

    This is neat.

Wooden wine rack turned into yarn storage!

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  • Dana Shelton
    Dana Shelton

    Don't drink wine...so this works for me!

Repeat Crafter Me: Yarn Storage System using a Wine Rack!

Repeat Crafter Me


Crochet Hook Case-free pattern

Talking Crochet ...Colorful Carryall


Free Crochet Hook Monster Hook Case Pattern.

Let's all get Knitfaced!: Hook Monster


Crochet Hook Case ~ Free Pattern

Happiness Crafty: Crochet Hook Case ~ Free Pattern


A ton of really clever storage ideas!

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  • Hooked On Crochet Mom
    Hooked On Crochet Mom

    Very creative!

Use a toilet paper tube to wind your yarn into neat little balls.

Simplify: Yarn, Olympics & Movies


Easy Crochet Duster

Simple and Easy Keyboard Duster


Get fantastic crochet tips and tricks, organization ideas, how to crochet on the go and so much more in this collection! Organize your craft room the easy way.

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  • Jacky

    how do i stop a big ball of wool unwinding whilst its in my stash. help please

  • Gina BoBina
    Gina BoBina

    Jacky... I just saw this trick on someone's board. Take an empty toilet paper tube and put the end of the wool through the center and hold it in place. Then wrap the wool around the tube, rotating the tube every so often. When it's all wound up, carefully slide the yarn off. Now you have a nice little ball with the end coming out the middle so it doesn't go all over the place =)

  • Jacky

    thank you so much

Get four amazing yarn tips in this collection that you never would have thought of. Learn how to recycle yarn from a sweater and learn how to use a wine rack as a yarn storage holder. You'll have to check out the collection for the other great tips!

Here’s a Tip: 4 Yarn Ideas to Try Today


I never get so excited as I do each spring to go through all my belongings, get rid of items and make room for new items. Spring cleaning is the best way to get organized with all my crochet supplies. Check out this collection of spring cleaning ideas to do with your scraps of yarn.

All-Purpose Striped Basket


31 Days to Get Organized: Yarn Destashing Tips

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Use a yarn rack to organize your yarn

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  • Giselle M
    Giselle M

    Does anyone know where I can buy the above furniture piece? I have tons of yarn I would love to display.

  • Heather Lorraine
    Heather Lorraine

    I love this! Is it a wine rack? I asked my husband to put plexi-glass doors on my open bookshelves, but, its a hard sell! Add a comment...

Using clothespins is a great idea for storing those last little remnants of yarn.

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Turn this common closet accessory into an easy way to organize yarn.

Product Not Found

  • Dana Jones
    Dana Jones

    I just bought 2 of these for my yarn.

  • Peggy Van Sleen ECSailing
    Peggy Van Sleen ECSailing

    This is an awful way to store yarn... mine falls out all the time... I'm hunting for something better that doesn't require balling...

  • Linda Hahn
    Linda Hahn

    It works great for me! I can sort by color or weight and easily find what I need. It works best is you do not ball your yarn.

  • Peggy Van Sleen ECSailing
    Peggy Van Sleen ECSailing

    All my yarn is different kinds and weights... They just don't stack like in the picture. So glad it works for others!

  • Brenda Budd
    Brenda Budd

    I have 2 of these that I dont use so I will put my projects in them. they are in zip lock bags and can stand up in them

Less-Mess Dispensers Unwind yarn or ribbon with ease by stashing the rolls in A thrifty way to organize your yarn using empty sugar dispensers

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  • gerry sneath
    gerry sneath

    Terrific idea!

  • Sandy Bjorndahl
    Sandy Bjorndahl

    that's great idea

  • Loretta Blevins
    Loretta Blevins

    Love it

  • Loretta Blevins
    Loretta Blevins

    Love it

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana

    Love it

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Cute baskets! #Yarn organization

elliebelle: March 2009


How to Organize Your Yarn Stash, Part 1: Get It Together. Use gallon zip top bags to separate multiples together, & get the air out and save more space

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  • Barbara loves to crochet
    Barbara loves to crochet

    My room looked similar to this once I found stashes of yarn in my attic

  • Becky McNeilly
    Becky McNeilly

    Looks familiar! Peaceful, homey, loved!

Hooks and needles kept in a vase.

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Funny joke about yarn organization!

Yarn: Organized! by Amy-Elyse Neer