Baby Knits: How to Knit a Baby Blanket, Booties, & More

Learn how to knit a baby blanket, booties, and more with these adorable baby knitting patterns. Charming designs, sweet details, and soft colors characterize this collection of baby knitting patterns. Find inspiration and learn how to knit baby booties, baby cardigan patterns, and much more.
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Lamb Ear Baby Hat | What an adorable baby hat knitting pattern!

Lamb Ear Baby Hat

Baby Grandpa Sweater Vest | This baby sweater vest knitting pattern has a funny "grandpa" vibe.

Baby Grandpa Sweater Vest

Ice Cream Baby Hat | This baby hat knitting pattern is hilarious!

Ice Cream Baby Hat

Headphones Baby Hat Pattern | This baby hat knitting pattern is both easy and good for a laugh.

Headphones Baby Hat Pattern

Christmas Pudding Baby Hat | What an adorable and funny baby hat knitting pattern.

Christmas Pudding Baby Hat

Two Teensy Baby Sets | This is five baby knitting patterns in one!

Two Teensy Baby Sets

Dreamland Knit Baby Blanket | This is an easy baby blanket knitting pattern.

Dreamland Knit Baby Blanket

Springtime Brioche Baby Dress | This baby dress knitting pattern is great for making a multi-season baby dress.

Springtime Brioche Baby Dress

Sunday Best Baby Dress | This knit baby dress is so cute.

Sunday Best Baby Dress

Stripey Baby Sweater Pattern | This baby sweater knitting pattern is striped, easy, and adorable.

Stripey Baby Sweater Pattern

Basic Baby Booties | The sweetest knit baby booties you ever did see.

Basic Baby Booties

Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater | This top-down knit baby sweater is the perfect shade of green. Too cute!

Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater

Super Textures Baby Blanket | The cutest knit baby blanket pattern you ever did see.

Super Textures Baby Blanket

Cuddly Koala Baby Hat | This koala knit baby hat pattern is to die for!

Cuddly Koala Baby Hat

Little Lamb Baby Hat | Is this not the cutest knit baby hat you've ever seen?

Little Lamb Baby Hat

Pretty Kitty Baby Hat | This is the purr-fect knit baby hat for your little one.

Pretty Kitty Baby Hat

Lickety-Split Baby Hats | This is the fastest and easiest knit baby hat pattern ever.

Lickety-Split Baby Hats

Squirreled Away Baby Blanket | With this knit baby blanket, your little one can snuggle up and pretend he's a squirrel!

Squirreled Away Baby Blanket

Newborn Cozy Cap | If this adorable knit baby hat doesn't make you squeal, I don't know what will.

Newborn Cozy Cap

In Bloom Baby Cardigan | This is the sweetest knit baby cardigan you ever did see.

In Bloom Baby Cardigan

Soft, Easy Baby Throw | A knit baby blanket for both boys and girls that will never go out of style.

Soft, Easy Baby Throw

Bed of Roses Baby Dress | Can you handle the cuteness? This knit baby dress is everything.

Bed of Roses Baby Dress

Newborn Earflap Beanie | The cutest knit baby hat you ever did see.

Newborn Earflap Beanie

Waffle Iron Baby Afghan | Headed to a baby shower? This knit baby blanket will be her favorite gift.

Waffle Iron Baby Afghan

Colorful Wedges Baby Blanket | Add some color to your nursery with this free knitting pattern.

Colorful Wedges Baby Blanket