Funny Knitting Jokes

Laugh while you knit with this side-splitting collection of funny knitting jokes, knitting humor, yarn humor, yarn jokes, and knitting puns.

Funny Knitting Jokes

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My biggest fear is that when I die my husband will sell all my yarn for what I told him it cost.

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Crochet humor! @Michelle Flynn Flynn Floriolli White

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Seriously!! Do NOT wreck the Noro!

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  • Gwen McCreery
    Gwen McCreery

    I own this book!

*fill in the blank* You know you knit too much when...

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  • Patricia Fournier
    Patricia Fournier

    Your stash is empty.

  • anne

    When you miss the last boarding call for your flight!

  • Bobbie Finley
    Bobbie Finley

    The plants are drooping and there's no food in the house.

  • Sue Taylor
    Sue Taylor

    YYou have too many knitting projects going.

#knit #kitties! gemmacorrell.tumb...

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The Doctor can help.

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  • One Vintage Lady
    One Vintage Lady

    The Doctor can do anything!!!

I see a yarn vault, don't you?

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  • Gammie Newhart
    Gammie Newhart

    For you, Barb!

  • Deanna Mey
    Deanna Mey

    hells yes

  • Marti Hartigan
    Marti Hartigan

    I can easily fill it up !!

  • Theresa Lombardo
    Theresa Lombardo

    o hyeah!

  • Dorothy Hoskins
    Dorothy Hoskins

    A craft supply vault

The 1st three words you see describe your knitting personality...

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  • Susana TerrĂ­vel
    Susana TerrĂ­vel

    Rebelious, happy and awesome :)

  • Suzanne Nelson
    Suzanne Nelson

    Rebel, happy, bare, dependable, care

  • Bindoo Rana
    Bindoo Rana

    Friendly, rebellious and smart :)

  • Iris Poth
    Iris Poth

    rebellious , happy ,lazy

  • seema

    Rebel Bell Men

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We've all suffered from the yarnover at some point...

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I know they think they're helping...

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  • Nicole Vardi
    Nicole Vardi

    Everything is a toy :) an me knitting? That's even better! I make the yarn move - if it moves, my cat plays with it (if it doesn't move, she'll try pawing at it - if it moves then, she plays with it hehe)

Don't talk to me while I'm counting!

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Sometimes your heart speaks best through your hands.

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  • Irene Dungavel
    Irene Dungavel

    I am looking for toy knitting patterns.

  • Vera Lynn
    Vera Lynn

    What sort of toy ? Try raverly for free patterns

  • Cheryl Hockham
    Cheryl Hockham

    already made 7 jumpers/cardigans for little ones, my hubbie, my sister and friends children

  • Darleen Arnold
    Darleen Arnold

  • Darleen Arnold
    Darleen Arnold

    New email above

Oh, good! My yarn is here.

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Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman With Knitting Skills - Fabrily

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman With Knitting Skills
  • Betty Wilson
    Betty Wilson

    We can keep the world warm!


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Some of my favourite quotes about craft

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Give a woman a sweater and she'll be happy for a day; teach a woman to know and she'll be happy for a lifetime.

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  • Karen Brayton
    Karen Brayton

    So true, great quote!

  • Cathy Price Bearns
    Cathy Price Bearns

    True, as well as, crocheting!!!

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Knitting Magazine (@KnittingMag) | Twitter

Take note naysayers!

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Psychologists say: as humans we are hard wired to collect things. I am using this to my defense next time questions my yarn stash.

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Knitting & chocolate...2 of my favorite things.

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  • Laura Strick
    Laura Strick

    Oh yea! Two great things! And mm leave. Your fingers clean!

Uh oh.

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  • Susan Svaib
    Susan Svaib