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Funny Knitting Jokes

Laugh while you knit with this side-splitting collection of funny knitting jokes, knitting humor, yarn humor, yarn jokes, and knitting puns.

Funny Knitting Jokes

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Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman With Knitting Skills - Fabrily

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman With Knitting Skills
  • Betty Wilson
    Betty Wilson

    We can keep the world warm!


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Some of my favourite quotes about craft

Give a woman a sweater and she'll be happy for a day; teach a woman to know and she'll be happy for a lifetime.

  • Karen Brayton
    Karen Brayton

    So true, great quote!

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Take note naysayers!

Psychologists say: as humans we are hard wired to collect things. I am using this to my defense next time questions my yarn stash.

Knitting & chocolate...2 of my favorite things.

  • Laura Strick
    Laura Strick

    Oh yea! Two great things! And mm leave. Your fingers clean!

Knitting Funny

Housework is for those who don't know how to knit.

  • Angela Bunke
    Angela Bunke

    Is this really true?

  • Barbara Mulholland
    Barbara Mulholland


  • Ingalill Engström
    Ingalill Engström

    Haha...... ♥

  • M Sandy Richards
    M Sandy Richards

    oh yes. I definitely relate to this!

  • Kathleen Ryan
    Kathleen Ryan

    One of my favorites is: Creativity is messy, and I have been VERY CREATIVE lately

I like to party and by party I mean knit- 8x10 quote wall art on Etsy, $9.00

Knitting & Maggie Smith.

Knitting *IS* good for my health!

  • Lynn Long
    Lynn Long

    And ME!!

  • Katherine Kato
    Katherine Kato

    Knitting keeps me sane...

  • Caroline Mckenzie
    Caroline Mckenzie

    Love to knit when I have time.

  • Connie White
    Connie White

    That's for sure!

  • Ruth Davidson
    Ruth Davidson

    Love this site

Naughty Kitty - Leave my yarn alone!

Come on, you know you want to!

Twitter / Artfire: The #knitting force is strong ...


Such is life!

  • Bridget McKenzie
    Bridget McKenzie

    Love this!!

Winter is coming...knit faster.

  • Christine Morrison
    Christine Morrison

    Nice quote

Every good week starts with a little knitting :)

This is how I feel most mornings...what about you?

  • Jamie Hemphill
    Jamie Hemphill

    my mornings!

  • Elaine Brye
    Elaine Brye

    Just read the directions

...and maaaaaybe Netflix ;)

  • CreatiKnit

    So true!

  • Laws Of Knitting
    Laws Of Knitting

    You can't get any more real than this.

  • Barbara Mathews
    Barbara Mathews

    and books.

If yarn was currency...I'd be rich :)

  • Katie Wooldridge
    Katie Wooldridge

    Hahaha so funny!

  • Laverne Zavacki
    Laverne Zavacki

    That's me!

  • Vicky Beckwith
    Vicky Beckwith

    Whoop's dropped my yarn ball!

  • Sidra Goldsmit
    Sidra Goldsmit

    I wish!