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Creative Quilts

If you want to learn how to make a quilt, you've come to the right place. Check out these quilt ideas, free quilt patterns, quilt block patterns, easy baby quilt patterns and tons of great ideas.

Creative Quilts

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Free Baby Quilt Patterns

27 Free Baby Quilt Patterns

15 Quilting Hacks You Cant Live Without

15 Quilting Hacks You Can’t Live Without

Beginner Zig Zag Quilt - Make a baby quilt that is extra soft and perfect for nursery room decorations.

Beginner Zig Zag Quilt

We know you’ve been waiting patiently (or not) for a sign to tell you what kind of quilt you should work up next. Thanks to these 100 of our Best Quilts from FaveQuilts you'll be all set in terms of quilting ideas.

100 Best Quilt Patterns for Free!

Get Inspired! Christmas Quilting Ideas from Lorna McMahon!

Get Inspired! Christmas Quilting Ideas

FaveQuilts Talks: Helen Draper - Find an awesome discussion with the designer behind the Purple Illusions Quilt right here!

FaveQuilts Talks: Helen Draper

7 Day Quilt Block Challenge. Are you up for it?

7 Day Quilt Block Challenge

Quilting up for winter! Are you ready to brave the storm? Find out what kind of quilt to make with the help of this amazing roundup.

Quilting Up for Winter

We’ve gathered up four of the most popular color schemes in quilting: fall colors, bright colors, grayscale, and rainbow. If you’re feeling ambitious, make a quilt in each of the color schemes.

Color Me Happy: 4 Color Schemes to Try Today

If you are new to quilting, you have a lot to learn. Quilting is an exciting and complicated crafting science that can seem overwhelming at first. Dive head first into the how to quilt world with this fabulous guide to quilting.

The Quilt Borders Guide

English paper piecing can look intimidating from afar. The beautiful results look too stunning to be easy and this is why many brand new quilters avoid tackling the technique. With the right tutorial, however, this skill can quickly become one in your quilting and sewing arsenal. The Ultimate English Paper Piecing Tutorial is going to change your life.

Ultimate English Paper Piecing Tutorial

If you have a downhome country vibe going on the bedroom or just need a new quilt to help keep you warm this winter, this Rustic and Raw Quilt Idea is going to be your next big project. Easier than most polished quilt ideas, this free quilt pattern is easy to make and gives a homey vibe to any room.

Rustic and Raw Quilt Idea

Quilt Like an Emmy Winner. What are we talking about? Find out right here.

Quilt Like an Emmy Winner

Verna Mosquera's Rosewater collection is fresh and romantic. The Rosewater Quilt inspires love and sweetness. With this tutorial, you can learn how to make a quilt that will add delicate beauty to any room of your home.

Rosey Quilt |

In the garden, it's as if time stands still. The evening sun is so beautiful, the smell of the honeysuckle so wonderful and rich. These fabrics are reminiscent of the peace and happiness that comes from being in the garden. This tutorial will show you how to make a quilt that is timeless, homey, and will give your home a cozy atmosphere.

Marjolien's Garden Quilt

Playfully colored carrots, peas and radishes may even encourage the rarely heard words, "I LOVE vegetables!" Digging in the dirt has never been cuter and this Garden quilt will certainly inspire every little gardener in your life! The Garden Quilt is perfect to enjoy anywhere.

Garden Quilt |

Forest Hill is a new collection reflecting a walk in the woods on a sunny summer day. With woodland scenes ripe with forest fruit and flowers, these prints mix elements of nature and abstract pattern.

Forest Hill Quilt

Welcome couture décor. This chateau-inspired collection of elegant lifestyle fabrics brings a fantastic flavor of French florals, crisp geometrics and an ethnic Ikat into harmony. The Botanique Quilt combines these vibrant fabrics as fresh interpretation for your couture decor.

Botanique Quilt

The Botanical Collection is inspired by some of the many beautiful antique botanical illustrations in the Snow Leopard archive. These botanical illustrations by the best 19th Century artists of the day inspire works like this Botanical Confetti Quilt.

Botanical Confetti Quilt

The best way to have a great picnic is to find yourself the perfect picnic blanket. Before your next outing, consider checking out this Bring it Along Quilt Pattern. This adorable free quilt pattern is two projects is one.

This strip-pieced quilted throw features Ty Pennington Impressions latest fabric collection and was inspired by Native American hand-woven blankets. The finished size is approximately 38” x 48” (96.5 x 122cm) and is embellished with dimensional prairie points around the border.

Hapi Quilt - With this free tutorial, you can learn how to make a quilt that is beautiful, unique, and makes a great addition to your home.

Paw Prints is the ultimate tribute to our favorite four-legged friends, a whimsical glimpse into the universe of cats and dogs in cheerful shades of red and blue with accents of chartreuse and nature-inspired neutrals.

Piece this bold quilt using the earthy prints in FreeSpirit’s Empire Cotton Collection by Parson Gray. The geometric blocks make an eye-catching statement admirers will appreciate.

25 Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners + 7 New Quilt Patterns - The easy quilt patterns for beginners you'll find here have been chosen specifically to help you learn how to make a quilt. Even if you have no experience quilting, our free quilt patterns will encourage you to give it a try.

18 Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners + 8 New Quilt Patterns