Snow fox. #Fox #Wildlife

"Playful Red Fox in Winter" - Levi Mitchell Photography levimitchellphotos (on Etsy) beautiful creature! [Foxes are related to dogs, but belong to a different branch -- are Vulpine rather than canine.

By Veronica Batterson -

Hideout Art Print by Veronica Batterson

Cozy fox in a log. By Veronica Batterson Reminds me of "The Fox & The Hound" or the hunting scene from "Auntie Mame".

Red fox in the snow ~ beautiful set of this fox by Rob Lee on Flickr   . . . .   ღTrish W ~  . . . .   #fox   #nature   #photography

foxes are the most beautiful animal. i used to have a pet fox.

ghazmat:    Black and white fox.

I am wondering if this Fox is a cousin to the Arctic Fox? I have never seen a Fox colored this way before. No, it's just a color or red fox, like silver and black foxes.

We have lift-off! ~ photographer Jerry Hull    . . . .   ღTrish W ~  . . . .  #fox #nature #photography

Red fox pouncing in the snow.

Foxes of the World, Field Guide Style ~ watercolor by Kate Dolamore   . . . .   ღTrish W ~  . . . .  #fox

Foxes of the World Field Guide Art Print / Watercolor Painting / Wall Art / Nature Print / Wildlife Poster

Foxes of the World Field Guide Style Watercolor от KateDolamore

fox illustration

by Moussee, Deviantart

"I must press on, the children need my cuteness!" Fennec Fox by Francisco Mingorance

What life in research feels like. Photo by Francisco Mingorance. The 35 Most Spectacular Wildlife Photos From The National Geographic Photo Contest 2013

Red fox Art Print by Amy Hamilton

Fennec Fox: You are known as always being part of a group, and are quite friendly towards everyone.

Not a 'proper' fox in my book, but quite sweet.

Fennec fox and her kit.  Too adorable.

Florida's Fennec Fox Count Forges Ahead by Five

Mother and baby fennec fox

Fox Illustration « BlueBirdee

Fox Illustration « BlueBirdee in Illustration

Fennec fox.

[A Fennec Fox lives in the Sahara desert. It has large ears for hearing prey, but mainly to help let heat escape from it's body, that accumulates, living in the desert. "DON'TS EVER F WIF A FENNEC FOX.