Apple pie baked in an apple

Apple Pie baked in an apple - Scoop out Granny Smith apples. Add canned apple pie filling plus 1 tsp cinnamon or make your ow. Bake in glass baking dish min at Gotta try.


Always Show Your Kindness because the person receiving it needs it more than you will ever know. Quotes about Kindness Day

Angel wings

Angel wings tattoos design gallery for girls , Directory of tattoos, Here you can find your desired tattoo by going into any of the listed category

Concept art for "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (2009) by Félicie Haymoz. Since it's officially our new favorite movie, haha.

How the Puppets from Fantastic Mr. Fox Were Made [Slide Show]

Concept art for Fantastic Mr. Fox by Félicie Haymoz. Since its officially our new favorite movie, haha.


“ Catfish" by: *PinkParasol She is a water nymph who lives at the bottom of a lake. I wanted this image to have more of an illustrative quality than some of my other works. I love this, its so magical!

Black Cats Less Than Half As Likely To Be Adopted As Gray Cats. poor black kitties :( i wanna go get one right now #cats

LOOK: The Sad Reason Black Cats Really Are Unlucky

Black cats have such a hard time getting adopted that some shelters offer reduced adoption prices or free spaying and neutering. Infographic by Alissa Scheller for the Huffington Post Send.