Oh my gosh, I can think of so many uses for these!!!!

DIY Scratch Off Lottery Ticket - So cool! My 6 year old son is fascinated with lottery tickets. This could be a fun reward system.

pink and blue

A baby shower can be much more interesting and a bit puzzling if you make it a gender reveal one. Here are some sweet ideas to throw a gender reveal party.

Its A Boy!

Yes, more chocolate. And yes, more mustaches. But when you combine them together, these chocolate mustache pops from Prudent Baby make for a hilarious baby shower favor. And photo prop as well.

baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby.

Valentine Pretzel Buttons - So easy and cute! Square pretzels, Hugs and Valentine M 200 degree oven for minutes! My sis made these and they are yummy!

Gender Reveal Party

Joy Is At Home: Gender Reveal Party - Team Pink/Team Blue. Game to try & pick the sex based on answers to old wives tale. - I always think the hr one is silly. So few babies have a hr under