A super functional travel carry-all! On the outside the Better Together Daily Wallet looks like an unassuming (but cute) pouch. But open it up to find so much more! There are plenty of card slots and pockets to hold your pens, cash, hotel key, passport, phone, tickets, and more! The zipper closure and wrist strap ensure all your necessities are safely secured at all times. It even comes with a notepad that fits perfectly inside! Prepare yourself for your next travel adventures and check it o...

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shut the front door!

Cake Cutter-this thing is cool! | Mikki Design Home


OnTray // a tray that clips onto the shopping cart, perfect for holding anything from snacks, toys or coupons #product_design

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3 in 1 Tool. The zigzag knife cuts the skin of the avocado and the blades cut the avocado in uniform slices. Both are made of BPA Free plastic and are safe to the touch. The circular pitter has stainless steel blades that scoop the pit out.

Avocado Joy Keep The Party Going


Genius ideas - Gallery


Grater pod! Clever kitchen gadget with a clear catcher shell #product_design

Progressive Grater Pod | zulily


Tidy Sink Caddy- kitchen sink caddy | Solutions

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Tea bag organizer...love it, but wish it was made of something other than plastic.

YouCopia YouCopia TeaStand 100 Tea Bag Organizer


Fresh Valley Canisters to help keep garlic, onions, & potatoes fresh longer. I really want some of these!

CHEFS Fresh Valley Canisters | CHEFScatalog.com


OH I so neeeed these! I have to clean my range! Gas Hob Protectors Keep your gas range spotless—without scrubbing!

You Might Never Have To Scrub Your Stove Again


all you need to do is sweep the crumbs in the general direction of the Eye Vac and it will suck them all up! You don’t even need to bend down!

10 Cool Geek Gadgets for the Kitchen - Listverse


Williams Sonoma Egg-Perfect egg timer. Tells you when it's soft, medium or hard boiled, perfectly every time!

Egg Perfect Timer


Clip On Strainer Spout to drain grease - Food Prep - Gadgets - Kitchen - Miles Kimball

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Susannah's Kitchen: 30 Kitchen Gadgets ~ to Make Your Life Easier! | Recipe, Discount Vintage Aprons, Discount Retro Aprons, Wedding, Flirty, Carolyn's Kitchen, Lynn's Whim, MU Kitchens, Jessie Steele, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Rachel Ray, Keurig, Joseph Joseph, Susannah Wesley

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You totally need this bacon saver. | 27 Brilliant Hacks To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized

27 Brilliant Hacks To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized


Cool kitchen gadgets!!!

A few gadgets people should have in their kitchen (27 Photos)


What a great idea! Silicone Rolling Pin Rings, Multicolor Roll dough to precise thickness with this set of rolling pin guide rings. $6.95

Silicone Rolling Pin Rings, Multicolor


Not getting lemon juice all over my hands... love it! Lemon Juicer Press — Kitchen gadget

9 Cool Kitchen Gadgets: the Must Haves for 2012


Silicone Food Steamer

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Kitchen aid attachment that swipes the bowl as it mixes. I need this, and it's only twenty bucks!

A Fix For The Mix


11 Best Attachments for your KitchenAid Mixer - CLick here to see what they are and why you need them!

11 of the Best KitchenAid Mixer Attachements | The Pinning Mama


This amazing pan creates perfectly crispy baked fries, chicken nuggets and more with no oil required!

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The Oilless Fryer - Hammacher Schlemmer

The Oilless Fryer - Hammacher Schlemmer


Baggy Rack, Kitchen Zipper Bag Holder, Bag Filling Stand | Solutions

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Microwave Splatter Covers, Reusable Cooking Covers | Solutions

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