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I love this combination of lavender with pink and purple glitter, coffin nails are so nice.

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Straight across French tip - no half moon shape. Classy french manicure (using Waltz by Essie) I love the length, nothing longer for me.

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21 Trendy Metallic Nail Designs to Copy Right Now

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Pinterest: thequeensamm ‼️ http://hubz.info/56/easy-nailarts-tutorial

Pinterest: thequeensamm ‼️ http://hubz.info/56/easy-nailarts-tutorial

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Run out and buy this right now. Im serious. Ive never found a base coat that keeps my polish ON until now. No chips after 4 days and counting. It's fabulous.

Stickey™ base coat creates a soft, sticky layer that anchors nail color to the nail and improves wearability.