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I'm a milkshake...What Dessert Matches Your Personality?

Cake Batter Milkshakes 3 ingredients - not counting the sprinkles - If you havent tried these yet then please do! They are so easy, its just ice cream, cake mix and milk. Blend and wahlah, a treat the whole fam loves.

Are you a Gorgon, Minotaur, Mermaid, Basilisk, Centaur, Unicorn/Pegasus, Nymph/Fairy or Dragon? I got a mermaid

I am a sparkly one but I cold not help doing it agen and got angelic unicorn. Are you a sparkly unicorn? Perhaps you are a dark unicorn! I'm a Black UnicornXD

What Percent Nerdy Are You? I got 94%, and according to buzzfeed I identify strongly with my Hogwarts house... yep

What Percent Nerdy Are You? You Got: You are DEFINITELY more geeky than not. You deeply identify with your particular Hogwarts house and actually ENJOY learning new things. There's truly no shame in your nerd game. Take the quiz again