cups coffee cup sugar cup brown sugar cup vanilla creamer) I edited the recipe to eliminate some sugar and fat. I used 10 cups of coffee, cup of stevia, of Splenda brown sugar, and cup of fat free French vanilla creamer!

Grover in "the Monster at the end of this Book"

This is my kids favorite book of all time. They still beg me to read this in my Grover voice. Learn the Grover voice, it makes this sooo much fun for them.

They were the best books.

The Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner - trying to locate the books, in order, from my library. There are SO MANY Boxcar Children books! I never realized how many.

Are You There God?  It's Me, Margaret.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret ~ Judy Blume. Loved Judy Blume as a kid!

I swear I have read (and re-read) all the original Nancy Drews

Well....My Bags Are Packed...and I'm Ready to Go....

4th grade memories

my mamas favorite childhood book (Island of the Blue Dolphins - by Scott O'Dell)

Best. Book. About. A. Spider. EVER.

20 Best-Selling Children’s Books of All Time

I remember taking my 2 yr old daughter Andrea to see this movie when we lived in Great Falls, Montana. My baby Anna was 3 months old and we both slipped and fell in the snow! Anna, you were not hurt.I protected you with my heavy coat and arm.

Another great book

Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade by Barthe DeClements. A middle-school must! I LOVED this series! I have not seen this book since I probably WAS in fifth grade!

Childhood Favs!

Jacob Have I Loved: Oh, Who Am I Kidding, I Reread This Book Once a Week

life lesson

The Giving Tree Anniversary Edition Book with CD: Shel Silverstein: The story of what happens when you take too much and don't give enough. A Story Picture Book.

Encyclopedia Brown

Encyclopedia Brown, boy detective / by Donald J. Sobol Donald J. Sobol, author of the popular "Encyclopedia Brown" series of children's mysteries, has died.