Alexandra Gaughan

Alexandra Gaughan

I'm a florida girl born and raised. I love Jesus, turquoise, birds, elephants, cooking, interior design, DIY, fashion, shoes, fitness, and all things beachy.
Alexandra Gaughan
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Chinoiserie Chic: pagoda

Daniela at Aesthetic Oiseau posted yesterday on this incredible pagoda fireplace above. It is in the lobby of the Hotel Monaco .

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Chinoiserie Headboard in Blue & White Bedroom -- Traditional American design meets Chinoiserie - Kate Walker's home in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

Milkweed | Florida Nursery Mart

Milkweed display a cluster of yellow and red flowers year round that strongly attract butterflies. They are the host for the Monarch butterfly

Jatropha | Florida Nursery Mart

Jatropha is a beautiful blooming shrub or tree that attracts both butterflies and hummingbirds with its flowers. It displays red flowers year round

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Sweet Almond can be a bush or tree. Its flowers have a lovely fragrance and attract butterflies with their nectar.

Areca Palm | Florida Nursery Mart

The Traveler's Palm is wonderful for any tropical garden. It has banana-like leaves that are fanned, making a unique accent

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Variegated Heliconia is a tropical flowering plant that thrive in the shade. The flowers are multi-colored and exotic and the leaves on this

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Dwarf Plumeria is a small tree that has lovely white flowers for most of the year. It grows in an upright and narrow fashion. It loves sun, is