Become an after with the Bikini Body Mommy 90 day challenge-- I love that she walks you through the routines on her YouTube channel rather than just giving pictures and how-to's, and that she's working off her own baby weight. I'm on day 5 and man I can feel it!

5 SIMPLE Ways to Lose Weight Without Really Working On It – These Weight Loss Tips Really Work! >> 5 EFFECTIVE weight loss tips >> 5 simple ways to lose weight these are the most effective tips I have.

Lacey white crop top and super cute Jean cut off shorts. Lovin' this summer style!

Portion control - #Diet, #Eating, #Health, #Portion

Average Dinner Plate Size In Europe – 9 inches wide In American Homes – 11 inches wide In American Restaurants – 13 inches wide -American Plates: Bigger Isn’t Better-


Just beautiful girls and women. Endless scroll of eyecandy. Created by a guy somewhere in Copenhagen.

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