Zombie Head Popcorn Buckets

Zombie Head Popcorn Buckets

This is a zombie themed popcorn bucket designed by New York ad agency Y&R for Detroit horror convention Motor City Nightmares. The buckets were such a hit they intend to design more and sell them online.


☆ Red & White Polka Dots Skull Heels :¦: Design By Taylor Reeve ☆


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Zombies Hate Stuff

Zombies Hate Stuff - Each ghoulishly colorful painting reveals a funny and unexpected scene of zombie disgruntlement, cataloging the stuff that really riles up the walking dead.


Des boules de Bowling têtes de Zombies !

Imagine play bowling with the head of a zombie as a ball. When Zombies invite themselves at Bowling, a superb campaign for the German version of horror chanel

Zombie Cupcake Cookbook

A Zombie at My Cupcake: 25 Deliciously Weird Cupcake Recipes [Hardcover]: Paul Parker (Contributor) Lily Vanilli (Author): Books.

Together we can beat them!!! Screw that - if you can't beat em.... bite em

The Zombie apocalypse has infiltrated the Multi Family industry. Zombie Leasing agents have been spotted in a community near you! Below are some characteristics that will let you know if you have come in contact with a Leasing Zombie!

Killer Zombie Survival Kit

Fear not the impending Zombie Apocalypse! You too can survive with the right preparation ~ LIMITED EDITION Killer Zombie Survival Kit