31 Unmistakable Signs That You're An Introvert

Not an introvert, just intelligent. I don't want a million distant friends, just a couple close ones. Hello, new editor here!!!!!! May i make a quick correction?????? Thank you!!!!!! Im simply an introvert!!!!!!!! Nothing more Nothing less!!!!!!

True... But, seriously, this is the best animated movie ever made. I mean, come in Disney!!! They get high, one gets it on with someone else, we see them naked... Disney pushed the limits. But it's hilarious.


It Is Life, For Both Men And Women ... It Is Made Of Little Things (And If I Am A Jerck ... Conscious That Sometimes I Am, Evidently, It Brings A Spark Into Your Rebel Life, As Much As Into Mine When You Want To Punch Me In My Defenseless, Baby Face ...)


Oh my, how true. @tamibeahon Sarene @ kristy @ Elyse: Especially Sundays ;) @kashasuntz @erin @ Pris :Hahaha. @Cathybcline @ Ton I was going to say k. night, with all of those fun + lovely ladies, but let's face it: wherever. Hahaha.

Oh me and my friends- @Jayna Key @Deidre Moss @Donna Moss @Morgan Pearce - Sorry for all the tagging but there are just too many today that are on point! LOL

When you walk into your best friend's house.--bahaha!! @Karina Paje :D

When you walk into your best friend's house.--bahaha!! @Karina Paje :D