I died.

A Very Polite Way To Curse Someone

Funny pictures about Polite Ways To Curse Someone. Oh, and cool pics about Polite Ways To Curse Someone. Also, Polite Ways To Curse Someone photos.

18 Serious Contenders For The 'Dad Of The Year' Award. Part 1 | Funny All The Time

When dads are with kids Asked my husband how everything was going. He send me this!

Bucket list ideas funny

22 People Who Are Not Ready To Be A Proper Adult Yet

Sure it's fun but still pretty offensive to any Octopus Customers that might have been nearby. View "This is How Responsible Adults Spend Their Time at Home Depot" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

On a scale of one to ten, how focused are you? ................ banana.     LOL. That's the way I Pinterest. #Funny #E_card #Attention_deficit

Bananas are good. Always take a banana to a party. Good source of potassium.

I laughed way too hard

"Be as happy as a stick!" "Sticks aren't very happy." "Aw, how cute." "Let's be this happy today!

Phteven! I don't know why I love this meme so much!!

28 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

"Oh god it must be too late and I need to sleep cuz I made the face and said "phteven" out loud and now I can't stop laughing." - Not my quote, but it was exactly what I did. Most honest LOL moment of my life.


Healthy Mexican Casserole with Roasted Corn and Peppers

Funny pictures about Dogs get in on the selfie action. Oh, and cool pics about Dogs get in on the selfie action. Also, Dogs get in on the selfie action.

You go, sloth.

Nap all day sleep all night party never. Love this little sloth! This is my life! I would get this as a tattoo honestly.

Wow Look At Me Adulting All Over The Place LOL

This funny college t shirt is great for all those new college adults that just don't quite feel like yet. You just can't help sarcastically say "Wow! Look at me adulting all over the place.

Bring those pets inside

Go fetch…

Go fetch, they said; it will be fun, they said. so wrong what people do to thier animals


17 Background Actors Who Have No Idea What They Are Doing

The Force-kick! IM DYING OH MY GOSH. He was supposed to actually kick him, but since he missed they called it a "force-kick". Meanwhile, Boba Fett careening out of control in the background.