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Salmorejo the Way Mama Makes It

Salmorejo, a long-loved family recipe in Andalusia and a cousin to gazpacho, is slowly winning over outsiders with its creamy but creamless taste. The cold tomato soup originated in Sumer in Mesopotamia but made its home in Andalusia, as a peasant dish from Cordoba. It combines homegrown tomatoes and day-old white bread with raw garlic, vinegar and olive oil from the region.

Salmorejo the Way Mama Makes It

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Baklava Recipe

The history of Baklava is not well documented. There are some indications that it dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, and that a recipe appeared in a 13th century cookbook. This version contains pecans, almonds, and pistachios and is covered with chocolate drizzle.

Baklava Recipe | How Sweet It Is


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An ancient recipe translated by from Cuneiform by Yale scholars: Pigeon with herbs.

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Mesopotamian Lamb and Carob Stew by Laura Kelley

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Mesopotamian Mersu

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Lamb and Licorice with Juniper Berries

Mesopotamian Cookoff: Lamb and Licorice - The Silk Road Gourmet

Quail on Barley Flatbreads Adapted from "The Oldest Cuisine in the World," Jean Bottero #mesopotamia #history #recipe

Quail on Barley Flatbreads - Archaeology Magazine Archive

Roasted Barley and Herb Pilaf From ancient Mesopotamia

Mesopotamian Cookoff - Roasted Barley and Herb Pilaf