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The Best Steak Marinade of Your Life.

How To Make The Best Steak Marinade Of Your Life - Allrecipes Dish

Easy Chicken Parmesan Bake | Learn an amazing technique for making baked chicken Parmesan. This quick and easy chicken Parmesan is baked, not fried.

Easy Chicken Parmesan Bake
  • Teresa Braden
    Teresa Braden

    Made this tonight, delicious!!!!!

Grandma Johnson's Scones | "A basic scone recipe that really does the trick. Tried and tested through 3 generations of kids. Simply the best anywhere!"

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Easy Meatloaf | Proof that simple can be satisfying.

Easy Meatloaf Recipe -
  • Becky Croft Long
    Becky Croft Long

    You're very welcome!

  • Laura Rowbotham
    Laura Rowbotham

    I use ground beef,Ritz crakers,eggs,salt,pepper,chuncky spa.sauce and in the middle put mushroom soup and sharp cheese.

  • Donna Keasler
    Donna Keasler

    Made this yesterday and I have to say it was delish. The only variation I had to make was I used a little maple syrup because I didn't have brown sugar. I highly recommend this recipe for quick, easy and very tasty meal...thanks for sharing.

  • Marie

    Easy to make and very good.

  • frank richards
    frank richards

    Ty.and yumm

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Pasta salad, chicken soup, baked eggs...and that’s just the beginning.

7 Dinners Made Even Better With Avocado - Allrecipes Dish

Zucchini-Chocolate Chip Muffins | "These muffins are packed with zucchini, chocolate chips, and walnuts and make a perfect on-the-go snack."

Zucchini-Chocolate Chip Muffins

Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs | Better than your ordinary deviled eggs.

Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs

Challah I | "I had never made challah before, but I think this is a really good recipe. Next time I think I'll add a pinch more salt."

Challah I Recipe -

Hummus III | "This is the first time I have ever made hummus....this recipe is delicious!! I don't think I will ever buy store bought again."

Hummus III

What To Know Before You Buy Your Next Potato | A handy guide for choosing the right potato for the right recipe.

What To Know Before You Buy Your Next Potato - Allrecipes Dish

Fluffy Pancakes | "These are AWESOME! Some of the fluffiest pancakes I've ever had. My husband raved about them."

Fluffy Pancakes

Baked Ham and Cheese Party Sandwiches | "These small, delicious sandwiches are perfect for any party. They are so good that even the pickiest of eaters will eat these."

Baked Ham and Cheese Party Sandwiches

Golden Rum Cake | "These are great to make as a mini cake and give out as gifts."

Golden Rum Cake

Big Soft Ginger Cookies | "This recipe is AMAZING. I've made it a dozen times it's my no fail, go-to cookie recipe."

Big Soft Ginger Cookies

Lemon Blueberry Bread | You'll love this tangy and delicious quick bread. It's flavored with lemon zest and drizzled with a sweet and sour lemon glaze.

Lemon Blueberry Bread

Honey Glazed Ham | "We tried this out for Easter and I'm pretty sure it's the best ham we've had. "

Honey-Glazed Ham

Apple Cinnamon White Cake | "A buttery white cake that comes together in minutes but tastes like you spent all day making it."

Apple Cinnamon White Cake

Favorite Old Fashioned Gingerbread | "This recipe for gingerbread is wonderful and very easy to make. I give it five stars!!!"

Favorite Old Fashioned Gingerbread

Pumpkin Gingerbread | "Delicious! I followed the recipe exactly and everyone thought it was the best pumpkin gingerbread they ever had. Thanks so much for sharing!"

Pumpkin Gingerbread

Crispy Edamame | "This recipe is fantastic! It's easy to make, and my 3 year old daughter loves it. " -Ginamcorr

Crispy Edamame Recipe -

Italian Breaded Pork Chops | "Same as my Sicilian family recipe! Love it. Can also be used on skinless chicken.. any piece, just adjust baking time. Breading can be done up to a day in advance too."

Italian Breaded Pork Chops

Chef John's Perfect Prime Rib | "I have ruined more expensive roasts than you can imagine until I found this recipe! My family and friends beg me to serve this! It's easy, and comes out perfectly pink and moist every time. Bravo!"

Chef John's Perfect Prime Rib
  • Parker's Crazy Cookies LLC
    Parker's Crazy Cookies LLC

    A great trick to making perfect prime rib!!

  • Jan Richeson
    Jan Richeson

    That is beautiful!

  • Jan Richeson
    Jan Richeson

    HAHAHA....I already had it pinned!

  • Donna Anderson
    Donna Anderson

    I found this method of cooking a prime rib years ago. It was sensational!

  • Angelia Cook
    Angelia Cook

    This comes out perfect every single time.Please make this!!

Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbecue | "This recipe is awesome! It was a huge hit with my family."

Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbecue
  • Mary DeSouza
    Mary DeSouza

    I made this for the picky eaters in my house and it was a huge hit!!!! Absolutely delicious! Quick to prepare!

Tangy Honey Glazed Ham | All I can say is WOW! this is a keeper! Everyone said that was the best honey baked ham they had ever had. When I told them it was a regular store bought spiral with my glaze, everyone applauded!!"

Tangy Honey Glazed Ham

10 Ways to Celebration National Doughnut Day Everyday

10 Doughnut Recipes You Need To Make - Allrecipes Dish