Mexican Recipes

Find all your Mexican food favorites, including taco recipes, burrito recipes, enchilada recipes, guacamole, and authentic recipes like tamales and churros.

Mexican Recipes

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Enchiladas Verdes | "Using a roasted chicken from the grocery saves time in this enchilada recipe with a spicy tomatillo sauce that will have your friends wanting to lick the bowl!"

Enchiladas Verdes

Stuffed Mexican Peppers | Mexican-inspired ground beef and rice stuffing fills red or green bell peppers for a family-pleasing meal.

Stuffed Mexican Peppers

Mexican Quinoa | "My wife and family loved it. If you wanna make this a meal you can sautee some shrimp put it on top when the quinoa is done then sprinkle it with cheese and bake at 350 for 15 min or until cheese is golden."

Mexican Quinoa

Easy Mexican Casserole | "My very picky children loved it!"

Easy Mexican Casserole

Hatch Chile Enchilada Pie | "This is the best Enchilada Pie recipe out there! So good! I couldn't find Hatch Chilis so I used Pablonos instead but still turned out delicious and not too spicy."

Hatch Chile Enchilada Pie

California Tacos | "These tacos are full of fresh vegetables and lime. They're quick and easy to make and they manage to be both healthy and very budget-friendly!"

California Tacos

Garlic Chicken Tacos | "This recipe was passed down to me from my grandmother. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family and friends have! Add any additional amount of anything, if desired. Make sure to add salt and pepper!"

Garlic Chicken Tacos

Posolequeso Burrito | "All the flavors of Mexican posole, including pulled pork and hominy, are topped with Cheddar cheese in this recipe for on-the-go burritos."

Posolequeso Burrito

Fabulous Fajitas | Takes less then 30 minutes to make, and they all taste great. Dinner is done!

Fabulous Fajitas

Easy Taco Casserole | Beef, salsa, and crunchy chips make up this soon-to-be new family fave.

Easy Taco Casserole

Pork Green Chile | "Pork slowly stews with green chiles, jalapenos, onions, tomato sauce, and spices in this simple and authentic dish that has been handed down through the generations."

Pork Green Chile

Chicken and Mushroom Chimichangas | "Packed with chicken, mushrooms, and poblano peppers, these chicken and mushroom chimichangas are sure to please!"

Chicken and Mushroom Chimichangas

Clamato® Michelada Perfecta | "Whether you're grilling or partying, Chelada is the perfect combination of Clamato® and beer that will stimulate your senses."

Clamato(R) Michelada Perfecta

Clamato® Shrimp "Ceviche" Style | "Cool and tasty, this citrus marinade is an ideal recipe for warm summer days."

Clamato(R) Shrimp "Ceviche" Style

Chicken Chimichangas with Sour Cream Sauce | "AMAZING! Followed the recipe to the tee with the exception of baking at 425 degrees for 15 minutes vs. deep frying."

Chicken Chimichangas with Sour Cream Sauce Recipe

Mexican Pesto | "I made grilled carne asada to go with this and wrapped the meat along with the pesto in corn tortillas. "

Mexican Pesto

Watermelon and Pineapple Salsa | "I would have never thought that hot sauce would taste so good on watermelon and pineapple. Keep extra hot sauce on the side. This is a keeper."

Watermelon and Pineapple Salsa

Roasted Tomatillo and Garlic Salsa | Tomatillos, lots of garlic and spicy jalapenos charred under the broiler give this salsa a rich, earthy flavor.

Roasted Tomatillo and Garlic Salsa

Fajita Quesadillas | "I used yellow peppers and also added a couple tablespoons of taco seasoning."

Fajita Quesadillas

Chicken Chimichangas with Sour Cream Sauce | "This was super easy to make and a hit with my family. It has just the right amount of seasoning that brings the taste buds alive!"

Chicken Chimichangas with Sour Cream Sauce

Apple Enchilada Dessert | "I made this for the first time today, and the family loved it!! I baked it an extra 15 mins so they would be crispy. They turned out great!"

Apple Enchilada Dessert

Churros | "Made for my son's Spanish class using Pampered Chef pastry tool. Tripled recipe and had a hard time keeping the family from eating them all!"


Pickled Jalapenos and Carrots | "This recipe is absolutely fabulous. I've made it a few times already, but I added oregano (as others have suggested) this time around. It just gets better!"

Pickled Jalapenos and Carrots

Arroz Rojo (Mexican Red Rice) | "This recipe was easy to create and loved by my whole family."

Arroz Rojo (Mexican Red Rice)

Amy's Cilantro Cream Sauce | "Fantastic, fantastic dip! Deceptively light and fresh. The cilantro here comes sold in a bunch and I used the whole thing, it could have even used a little more so don't be cheap on the cilantro."

Amy's Cilantro Cream Sauce