Braids for kids

Braids for kids. this is too dang cute I wish I could do something like this to my lil girls hair !

too cute <3

This little girl is so freaking adorable! I want to steal her. (Let it be known that i found this with the caption already there. Apparently I'm not the only person who jokes about stealing adorable black children ;) DITTO SHE IS ADORABLE

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Corn rows with beads

I'm not sure wether to add her to my cute baby girl board or to my cute little girl hair styles. - Looking for Hair Extensions to refresh your hair look instantly? focus on offering premium quality remy clip in hair.

i like the direction of the parts. its how i usually do mine

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kinky twists hairstyle front view African American little girls

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Braids for kids is one of the most simple yet effective hairstyles you can administer for African American children. See more about braids for kids. - Page 2

Cornrows w/ beads

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