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Wooden crow pull toy exhibited American Folk Art M.

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Gold Box Ring Surmounted by a Scarab, ca. 330–310 B.C. Greek, Classical

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Ring - Portrait of a Right Eye, Watercolor on ivory, English, c. 1800

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Diadem/SCYTHIAN , 4th-3rd Centuries B.C. Gold, glass: solding, stamping, wicker-work, engraving

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Inscribed shell-shaped stone ( Nubian, Napatan Period, reign of Piankhy (Piye), 743–712 B.C.) Nubia (Sudan), el-Kurru, Pyramid IV (Queen Khensa); Steatite

Inscribed shell-shaped stone

// Finger ring engraved with an image of Hermes (4th century BC)

duckmarx: Jewelry of ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, and Persia

Aube Elléouët Breton, Broche, 1998


// earrings with zoomorphous figures 600 AD - 1700 Nariño Plateau - Late Period Museo del Oro, Bogotá


Silver finger-ring; on the bezel is the gold figure of a fly soldered to an oblong plate of gold.circa 500BC. Archaic Greek. (Findspot Polis-tis-Chrysokhou, Necropolis II, tomb 162).For a full discussion of this type of ring and its significance see Smith in Childs et al. 2012, 159. In ancient Egypt the fly was regarded as a symbol of persistence even though it was also something of a curse to humans as well.

Image gallery: finger-ring

Moth-costumes, Lili Fischer

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Nicola Crompton

Terracotta figure of Aphrodite within a cockle-shell 2nd Century BCE, probably Ruvo, Italy; British Museum via

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A Chinese headdress, late Qing (1644-1911) dynasty. @Deidra Brocké Wallace

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// Chinese Kingfisher feather hair ornaments

CHINESE 16 Kingfisher feather hair ornaments, some (12/05/2005)

Posy ring with pictogram inscription, ‘Two hands, one heart, Till death us part.’ Made in England in the 17th century

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brassaï, amulette

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Sterling silver bee, ca. 1900.

Cydneys Antiques, Vintage European Imports


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Eames-Paper-Costumes-4.png (226×504)

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american folk art

enhabiten: folk art,memory, movies and suckin up

Greek signet ring, 1st century A.D.

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Inuit Shamans parka

The Arctic People - Religion / Ceremonies / Art / Clothing

Comb (Duafe), 19th–20th century. Ghana. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Collection, Gift of William W. Brill, 1963 (1978.412.479) | In Ghana, elaborate combs such as this one were gifts from Akan men to women to commemorate special events, such as puberty celebrations, weddings, or births.

Comb (Duafe) | Akan peoples | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Antique Cleavers

Good Group of Figural Steel, Wood - Price Estimate: $2000 - $3000

Natural designs embodies in Mojave desert plants fascinate Eames, who likes to mount them on the wall of his studio. From them, he says, he gets ideas for his own designs. The studio’s equipment includes a 22-foot tack board for such specimens and experimental designs and a photographic darkroom.

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