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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Spain and Portugal

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Spain and Portugal: Playa de Las Catedrales, Galicia, Spain


Affordable Small Hotels in Paris


Travel Itinerary: 12 Days Scotland and Ireland Itinerary & Road Trip


Don't Go Out To Eat: 7 Tips for Visiting Iceland on a Budget

World War II was the most destructive military event in the history of the world. The deaths attributed to this global conflict are estimated at 50 to 70 million lives lost over a six-year period.

Healthy (TSA Approved) Carry-On Snack Alternatives

Travel Tips : Complete list of TSA Approved Carry-On Foods for your next trip. You might be surprised what you are actually allowed to take onboard!

The Perfect 48 Hours in Lisbon

Portugal is often overshadowed by its suave and much larger neighbor, Spain. But the country has a lot to offer, and the capital city of Lisbon is full of surprises.