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if i had a twin, me:ohhhhh sooo pretty! *clicks picture of cookies* Look what audry just made!:D *rainbows poor out mouth* Twin: get a life. Me: i am!

Best. Brother. Ever.

There are too many Eiffel Towers in that room for it to belong to a dude. THE JANE SHIRT

Jack...Rose...Mickey...The Doctor.........I MISS THEM SO FREAKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like we should have had more Nine/Jack/Rose episodes. Maybe if they ever bring Nine back for a multi-Doctor thing, we could possibly bring them back together for one extra story?I can dream can't I? Because I love Nine


Funny pictures about Best Key and Peele sketch ever. Oh, and cool pics about Best Key and Peele sketch ever. Also, Best Key and Peele sketch ever.

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Round 2 in our collection of humor from the dark side. Hilarious Funeral Humor Memes about morticians, hearses, scattering ashes, headstones, and more.

This kid is my favorite

Poor Guy, His Heart Is Broken. His face is never looking straight

I love Donna!

Donna Noble - this makes me so sad, off all the Doctors companions i think Donna's story is the saddest<< well.she kinda ties with Rose for me.then again I'm only on season 5 so what do I know

Kyle's story: | 33 Pictures That Will Make You Proud To Be A Human Being Again

Worth the read. Made me tear up. U never know when u can change someone's life. <-- i heard this story years ago, and it still makes me tear up just reading it :*) the power of friendship is a beautiful thing