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I first saw this quite when I had a huge decision to make. I was at a crossroads, but I didn't realise it then: every time I see this quote I think back to that day and how far I've come. I've had to start over, it isn't easy, but you get there.

I so love our Saturdays...we often go to markets, speciality shops, out...we do..and then Sundays he reads the news to me...I read him local things, about movies, etc, we go to Mass...we just enjoy each other on games and all...

I hate it when people say she wanted a man to save her. She didn't. All she wanted was to go to the ball and have a good time and have a chance to feel truly beautiful. That's all she wanted. The prince was just a nice bow on an already perfect present.

But ALWAYS be humble and introduce yourself anyway. There's nothing more off-putting than a person who walks into a room and assumes everyone knows who they are. You might be good, but you'll never be the most important thing in the world. Never.

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

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